Loyal Dog Hitched a Ride on the Ambulance Carrying Homeless Owner

Pigs take revenge and killing the man who raped

Dog sodomized witch the PVC pipe rescued in Brazil

Sep, 20 /2014
This femeal dog was found in 20 September, on the Jaguarão River, in Rio Grande do Sul state, south Brazil, with heavy bleeding in the genital organ.

The animal was found by a friend Samira Auhed, who called the veterinarian to meet the case. After being examined by the vet in the pound, the dog needed surgery for removal of a PVC pipe with 25 inches lodged in the intestine and introduced by the anus. The crew got help from another professional in the field for transport to the shelter city.

"Yesterday , around 18h and 30 min I was called by Samira Audeh, to rescue a dog in the river that was bleeding a lot, practically dead . When I arrived , the dog had lost much blood was in shock the veterinarian Bruno Lenz was going through the site and came to help us in first aid.”

When doing a physical examination it was found that there was something solid in your abdomen , as she had vaginal bleeding , we believe that it was dead puppies .

Admitted to the shelter city will be transferred on Saturday (18) to a private clinic Latidos & Miados, on Monday and performing emergency surgery for the removal of cubs. Even with advanced age, the femeal dog is responding well to treatment, done with blood transfusion, antibiotics, and serum.

When we opened the abdomen I found that they were not dead puppies, but a tubular PVC frame approximately 25 inches lodged in his intestine , which was introduced by the rectum.

The puppy , already very old , and almost no teeth , was also molested the vagina , so that was very vaginal bleeding , apart from internal bleeding caused by injuries . I emphasize that it is being medicated , receiving intravenous fluids , and that the kennel is doing everything possible and to save it . Her condition and severe .

After being examined by the Veterinary shelter city, the dog had to be operated for the removal of a PVC pipe.

As a veterinarian shelter city, Carolina Bittencourt, this was the most serious event since the organ is one year and four months ago. "I felt I had something hard inside her abdomen when touched, but I thought they were dead puppies." When a female has decided to open surgery to remove the object discovered plastic. The results of clinical tests indicate that the offender tried to introduce some artifact by genitalia, probably the same pipe.

In an interview with People's Daily, delegated Juliana Ribeiro confirmed that there is already suspected of the crime. However, the police is looking for evidence that could confirm the investigations made ​​so far. The author responds by mistreating animals, having a fine or imprisonment from ten days to one month.

She appears to be doing better but is fighting infection, The case is being investigated by the police.

Samira Audeh, posted in your facebook profile

“Good Morning !!! Yesterday further tests were made which showed that she is responding to treatment. We are hopeful about his recovery !!! Thank you.”

22, Sep/2014.
Update: Cadela Sodomizada em Jaguarão/RS está com fraqueza e babesia

Epic Journey -Dog reunited with owner after 1,966km Walking Charity (VIDEO)

June 10, 2014

The stray dog Jefferson, whose real name is Negro, and who followed four British men in ‘Walk to the World Cup’. In the end, Jefferson/Negro walked 463 miles from Solís, Uruguay, to Porto Alegre, Brazil (distance based on Google maps).
At first the British men thought the dog would just accompany them a few miles. They fed the dog, pet him, and even played with him, but soon realized the dog joined their group for good and had no desire to leave them.
created on: 2014-06-10
English fans finally arrive in country after walking 1,966 km to see team play and they adopt a stray along the way. 
The Walk to the World Cup story took an unexpected twist when the boys were followed by a stray dog in the small Uruguayan town of Solis. The dog, continued to follow the boys until they set up camp for the night and when they woke up he was still there. Two and half weeks on and dog is now a key part of the Walk to the World Cup team.
For the last three months a group of England fans have been walking the roads of South America . Adam Burns, David Bewick, Pete Johnston and Ben Olsen planned to walk to the 2014 Soccer World Cup to be hosted in Brazil. They have made friends – including a stray dog called Jefferson – and raised money for charity along the way
The soccer aficionados felt that if they stopped feeding the canine, he would stop following them, but this plan didn’t work out. By then, the English men were attached to the pet and decided to officially make him the fifth member of the group – they even named him Jefferson Ramsey Moore (now dubbed after the group’s favourite England players) and donning England’s France 98 shirt, crossing the Brazilian border and bemusing or winning over the hearts of the locals in equal measure, gave him a soccer jersey and documented the dog’s journey on Facebook as well.
To everyone’s surprise, Jefferson is not a stray dog. The black dog’s actual name is Negro (Spanish for Black) and he has an owner that had been worried sick about his missing pet.
Ignacio Etchetchury, Negro’s owner, is accustomed to his dog disappearing one or two days, whenever the canine goes after a female dog in heat, but this time Etchetchury found it strange that his dog had not come back.
Fortunately, one of Etchetchury’s friends had seen a news article about the four British men and the dog, and informed the worried pet owner about the whereabouts of his pet.
Immediately, the pet owner contacted the soccer fans through Facebook and informed them that Jefferson, whose actual name is Negro was his. By then, the men had already reached Porto Alegre and were looking for a local family willing to care for the dog, but when they learned that Jefferson or Negro had already an owner, they made plans to wait for Etchetchury to come retrieve his beloved dog.

Burns, Bewick, Johnston and Olsen will wait for Etchetchury in Porto Alegre until Monday, June 9, when the pet owner will arrive at the Brazilian city and be reunited with his dog.
For now Negro is enjoying his international walkathon odyssey along his British friends, while his owner currently travels by bus and will soon meet the four men that have cared and love his dog all this time. The pet owner bought a bus ticket and is currently traveling to Brazil to be reunited with his dog and bring him back home.
I still have this moment, as a animal protecter, I was so happy, was amazing, congrats guys for taking care of the dog
The four British men took off on their odyssey crossing many cities and country border lines while documenting it all on their Facebook page Walk to the World Cup. https://www.facebook.com/Walktotheworldcup
The four England fans aim to raise £20,000 for the J de V Arts Care Trust, a charity based in the north of England. The money raised will be used to build a new water well in Bahia, north-east Brazil, which is suffering its worst drought in more than 50 years. Ten million people have been affected and more than a million cattle have died. 
You can donate to the Walk To The World Cup here: www.justgiving.com/WalkToTheWorldCup-JdeV
Please give generously to our amazing charity the J de V Arts Care Trust and if anyone has a contact for anyone looking for the best dog in the world, email walktotheworldcup@gmail.com

Campaign Dog Doors (VIDEO)

Most people ignore mutts who live on the streets. But there's a place that no one can ignore any dog - home. 
created on: 2014-05-06
Thinking about it we create special posters that simulate dog doors.

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