17 de ago de 2013

Ajude-me mamãe, eu estou preso!

Bebê elefante lutando na lama margem do rio é salvo de afogamento, quando sua mãe vem para o resgate

As fotos tiradas em Bornéu mostram o bebe elefante em dificuldade, ele tentou mas não conseguia escalar o barranco depois de atravessar o rio com sua mãe. Com o filhote angustiado, sua mãe vem em seu auxílio, empurrando-o  com a tromba. Mas a tarefa se tornou muito complicado para ela sozinha. E outros dois parentes vieram para o resgate do bebe.

Mother's love: The elephant had got stuck on the muddy bank after swimming across the river with his mother. He she is pictured helping him out of the water

Family affair: The elephant clings closely to his relatives after they came to his aid when he got stuck on a muddy river bank


Slippery: While the adult elephant has no problems getting to grips with the mud, the baby struggles to get a grip without falling over

Stuck: The mother tries to push the baby up the bank using her trunk, but is unable to get him to safety

Helping hand: The elephant has nearly made it to the top of the bank thanks to a little help from his mother

Distressed: But the elephant slips in the mud once again

Close bond: Another two elephants emerge from the trees to give mother and baby some help

Cavalry: The elephants clear a path for the baby, flattening the boggy mud to ensure its safe passage to the trees

Safe at last: Covered in mud, the little elephant is ushered into the trees by his mother


Fonte:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2395587/Baby-elephant-muddy-bank-saved-drowning-mother-comes-rescue.html#ixzz2cACF8U3A

17 de ago de 2013
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